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A Global Approach to Net Zero – Manoj Kumar

How Net Zero Think is moving the needle on the energy transition

Podcast Summary

“Ecoprenuer” Manoj Kumar is moving the needle on the energy transition in his home country of India and beyond. As the founder and CEO of Net Zero Think, Manoj provides businesses with disruptive climate solutions to push them down the path of decarbonization. The company is focused on some of today’s hardest to abate sectors, including things like cement, steel, coal, and power plants. 

In this episode, Manoj explains how Net Zero Think helps companies drive down carbon emissions, making the energy transition a reality today:

  • Net Zero Think provides a whole gambit of services to their clients, focusing on 3 key approaches to decarbonization — measure, offset, reduce. The company helps businesses map their greenhouse gas emissions, create a viable reduction strategy, and set long term net zero goals. They also provide Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) services, energy efficiency auditing, monetization through carbon credits, and more. 
  • A successful energy transition will require both planetary and commercial sustainability. Businesses need to develop in ways that support both economic viability and carbon emissions reductions. One without the other will not promote long term success. 
  • What will it take to inject hydrogen into city gas distribution networks safely? Manoj’s company has completed a case study on green hydrogen feasibility for a US-based investment company looking at H2 injection into the gas pipeline. The amount of hydrogen that can be injected depends on the pipe’s design, but Net Zero Think is finding many pipes can actually handle higher percentages of hydrogen than previously thought. 
  • Hydrogen has the potential to drive sustainability in many sectors. According to Manoj, India will start to see movement in the green steel industry in the next few years. In the immediate future, there is already high demand for hydrogen for green fertilizer and throughout the automotive industry.

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