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A Fully Charged Electric Future – Dan Caesar

The Youtube channel that is changing the clean energy conversation

As the CEO (and occasional presenter) on top Youtube channel Fully Charged, Dan Caesar knows what’s what in the world of electrification. He boasts over 20 years of experience in the clean energy space, covering everything from electric vehicles, to solar, to batteries, and beyond. With a strong history as an expert communicator, he has helped grow Fully Charged into the world’s number one show on electric vehicles and clean energy. 

In this episode, Dan dives into his work with Fully Charged and the exciting future he sees for electric vehicles:

  • Dan got started with Fully Charged in 2016, about 6 years after actor Robert Llewellyn founded the show. Since that time, he has helped make the Youtube channel a global sensation. With an audience of over 1 million subscribers and 3 – 5 million views per month, Fully Charged brings the reality of the energy transition directly to consumers. The show specializes in reducing down complex information into understandable and relatable content so that viewers can keep current on all things clean energy. 
  • Dan finds it bizarre that no mainstream television show about electric vehicles and clean energy yet exists in 2023. Could Fully Charged bridge that gap? The show hopes to someday make it to Netflix level fame and teach even more people about the energy transition. 
  • According to Dan, Tesla is truly the hero of the electric car revolution. The company plans to sell between 1.8 – 2 million cars in 2023, outpacing giants like Audi and Mercedes. By 2030, Tesla wants to see that number hit a staggering 20 million. But Tesla’s success isn’t just about selling cars — they’ve created a fully vertically integrated supply chain spanning batteries and solar as well. 

To learn more, check out the Fully Charged Youtube channel.

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