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A Cheaper, Safer Way to Handle Hydrogen – Assaf Sayada

The Future of Hydrogen Storage and Transportation with Hydro X

Hydrogen is expected to play a huge role in the energy transition, accounting for up to 25% of global decarbonization efforts. But today, many hydrogen solutions are expensive, inefficient, and unsafe. Hydro X CEO Assaf Sayada is hoping to fix that. His company is taking on the hydrogen industry with a technology that tackles key storage and transportation challenges.

In this episode, Assaf provides an overview of the hydrogen value chain’s problems and how Hydro X plans to solve them:

  • Hydro X offers safe, efficient, and cost-effective hydrogen storage and transportation solutions. Non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-explosive, their technology completely transforms the way in which hydrogen is traditionally handled. Imagine a world where hydrogen is stored in plastic bottles or transported through water pipelines. 
  • By simplifying the hydrogen value chain, Hydro X’s technology reduces the need for complex infrastructure and mitigates safety risks, making hydrogen a more accessible clean energy source.
  • Hydro X enables hydrogen storage at near ambient temperature and pressure. Because of this, they’ve achieved an energy efficiency of 94%, dropping storage costs below $1 per kilogram.



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