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To Build Better Materials, Start at the Nanoscale - Pavle Jeremić

How Aether is using AI-enabled atom manipulation for mining and beyond

To Build Better Materials, Start at the Nanoscale - Pavle…

Aether Biomachines
The Future of Energy Storage - Yazan Harasis

Power Edison
Navigating Global Energy Dynamics - Sean Strawbridge

Voyager Energy Partners
Upgrading the Hydrogen Industry with Digital Tech - Richard Zhang

Electric Hydrogen
An Innovative Solution for Nuclear Waste - Elizabeth Muller

Deep Isolation
A Cheaper, Safer Way to Handle Hydrogen - Assaf Sayada

Hydro X
Using Molten Salt to Capture Carbon - Cameron Halliday

Decarbonization Strategies for Net Zero - Jeff VanVoorhis

Mead & Hunt
Decarbonizing Off-Grid Power with Sesame Solar - Lauren Flanagan

Sesame Solar
Rethinking Our Relationship with the Planet - Alison Wise

Wise Strategies
Why We Need Heat Exchangers for the Energy Transition -…

Heat Recovery Innovations
Fueling the Future, Fossil-Free - Gene Gebolys

World Energy
From Farm to Battery: Turning Crop Waste into Energy -…

Nexus Power
Rethinking the Beverage Supply Chain – Manuela Zoninsein

Preventing Another Dieselgate - Nick Molden

Emissions Analytics
Gamifying Environmental Action with NIU Planet – Jose Pere

NIU Planet
Turning Waste into Hydrogen – Jean-Louis Kindler

Advocating for an RNG Future - Johannes Escudero

Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas
The Future Will Be Battery Powered – William “Bull” Flaherty

Eligius Power
Harnessing Heat Pumps for a Sustainable Future - Katharina Loden

EarthGrid's Plasma Robots Are Solving Energy Infrastructure - Troy Helming

Bridging the LNG Knowledge Gap - Mehdy Touil

Our Top Tools for the Energy Transition – Mona Dajani

Shearman & Sterling LLP
Unlocking the Potential of the Bioeconomy - Florian Graichen

Hydrogen's Role in Decarbonization - James Kast

Iwatani Corporation of America
Modular Mining for the Energy Transition – Liz Lappin

Common Good Mining
Can Direct Air Capture Solve Our Carbon Problem? - Alex…

Can robots solve climate change? - Joshua Olaiya

Understanding the Climate Crisis - Andrew Eil

Tata Consultancy Services
India, OPEC, and the Future of Energy - Kaushik Deb

Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University
The Reversible Fuel Cell Tech That Caught NASA’s Eye -…

Power to Hydrogen
Regenerative Agriculture: A Solution to Climate Change - Philippe Birker

Climate Farmers
Navigating Carbon Markets – Simon Puleston Jones

Climate Solutions
An Innovative Approach to Offshore Wind Farms - James Thomas

JET Connectivity
Digital Twins and the Energy Transition - Kevin O'Donovan

A Bit of This and That
Pushing Sustainability in the UAE - Rijo Abraham

Building a Sustainable Future with Renewable Energy - Karim Megherbi

Orisun Invest
Why We Need Mining To Save The Planet - Alp…

Alp Bora & Co
Piecing Together the Sustainability Puzzle - Alice Schmidt

The Sustainability Puzzle
A Global Approach to Net Zero - Manoj Kumar

Net Zero Think
A Fully Charged Electric Future - Dan Caesar

Fully Charged
Can banks solve the climate crisis? - James Vaccaro

Climate Safe Lending Network
Storytelling as a Climate Solution - Mimi Kalinda

Storytelling and Leadership
What does success mean to you? - Johanna Godinez

B.A.Y. Lifestyle
How do we verify carbon reductions? - Andrew Griffiths

Planet Mark
The Future of Transport Energy - Tammy Klein

Transport Energy Strategies
Investing in Decarbonization - Stephen Harrison

SBH4 Consulting
Why We Can't Quit Oil - Tom Kirkman

The Plastic Paradox - Chris DeArmitt

Phantom Plastics
A Day in the Life of an Angel Investor -…

First Check Ventures
The Future is Electric (Yes, Even Planes) - Michael Barnard

The Future is Electric
From Concert Pianist to Climate Hero – Miklós Veszprémi

Life's Tough as an EV Startup - Alexa St. John

Harnessing Capitalism for Climate Action – Raquel Schreiber

Fueling the Future with Natural Gas – Julius Rone

UTM Offshore
A Positive Climate Impact With Every Business Transaction - Simon…

Making the World More Energy Literate - Ron Stein

PTS Advance
How Irish Data Centers are Saving the Bees - Garry…

Host in Ireland
The UN's Bold Initiatives for a Greener Future - Enrique…

UN Environment Program
Illuminating India's Energy Landscape - Jyotisman Rath

From Forests to Fuel: A Green Revolution - Christopher Headrick

H2 Energy Group Inc
Reinventing Pipelines for a Sustainable Future - Doug Jones

Global Composite Piping Solutions
Technology Will Set You Free - Nabeel Mahmood

The $1 Billion Global Sales Guru - Zach Selch

Global Sales Mentor
Using AI to Build Meaningful Business Relationships - Manuj Aggarwal

TetraNoodle Technologies
A Better Solution for Fugitive Methane Emissions - Bear Givhan

Earthview Corporation
Forget Recycling! This Startup is Turning Plastic Into Green Fuel…

CarbonMeta Technologies
A Global Water Crisis - Marc Cortez

Detachable eVTOL: A Solution for Flight Range Limits? - Jamie…

Achieving Cost Parity with Green Hydrogen - Chris Cannata

EDF Renewables North America
How One Canadian City is Jumpstarting the Hydrogen Economy -…

Edmonton Global
Plugging Oil Wells for Carbon Credits - Sam Arnold

Carbon Path Group
Epoch Boats: The Tesla of the Waters - Tom Ward

Epoch Boats
The Evolution of the Energy Industry - Dick Storm

Storm Technologies
Algae-Covered Cities: Merging Nature and the Built Environment - John…

Putting Sustainability at the Core of Investment - Hari Balasubramanian

This Startup is Using Captured Carbon to Power the Planet…

Terraform Industries
The M&A Success Story Taking on Global Ag - Paul…

Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences
What technologies will unlock our net zero future? - Phil…

National Research Council Canada
What digitalization means for the power company (and you) -…

New York Power Authority
Laying the groundwork for natural gas policy - Andreas Thanos

North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB)
The long-term view on China’s energy transition - Charles Sunnucks

Jupiter Asset Management
The technical and human stories behind the energy transition -…

Value Chains Supporting the Energy Transition - David Steven Jacoby…

and Alok Raj Gupta

Boston Strategies International and EnvEcoLogic
Transportation's Place in the Energy Transition - Sharad Agarwal

The Path to Transition: for Energy, the Workplace, and Yourself…

Arizona Public Service - APS
Helping Stanford University Light The Path Toward Decarbonization - Lincoln…

Stanford University
How One Entrepreneur’s Persistence is Driving a Lithium Transformation -…

How Can AI Shape the Future of Capital Projects? -…

EPC Lens
Energy Advice From a Technology Evangelist - Kevin O'Donovan

A Bit of This and That
Using Island Innovation to Power the Future - James Ellsmoor

Island Innovation
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