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The Great Metal Crunch: Exploring the Consequences of Demand Exceeding Supply – Part 4/4

What will happen when the demand for raw materials needed for the green energy transition exceeds supply?

More pipe dreams, ie. Space Mining: As terrestrial metal resources become more limited, the concept of mining asteroids for metals could gain traction. With advances in space exploration and mining technologies, governments and private enterprises may invest more heavily in space mining ventures to secure additional metal resources.

While these potential outcomes offer possible responses to metal scarcity, it is crucial to note that innovation and adaptation can address resource challenges. Through advancements in technology, recycling practices, and responsible mining, it is possible to mitigate the impact of metal scarcity and ensure a sustainable supply for future generations. The Space Resources Roundtable (SRR), an initiative that has been ongoing since 1999 at the Colorado School of Mines, has been accommodating technical presentations and roundtable discussions around space-resource activities on the moon, Mars, and small bodies, space manufacturing and construction, space infrastructure, commerce, international efforts, and legal and public policy issues.

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