Texas Power Grid Gets a Boost

This summer has been a true testament to the evolving dynamics of the Texas power grid, with energy storage facilities pumping out a record amount of power when the state needed it the most. 

The state has been experiencing record-breaking heat this summer, with temperatures topping 100F essentially daily for the last month in cities like Austin and Dallas. 

With temperatures like that driving energy demand, Texas has become a bit of an experiment for grid reliability. With coal generation dwindling and renewables rising, this summer has been all about navigating the heat wave with things like solar energy. 

Did you know Texas has added 2.5 gigawatts of battery capacity in just the past five years? That’s almost 25% of the entire U.S. battery capacity. California might be leading, but Texas isn’t far behind. 

So, as the energy landscape shifts, where do you think batteries will fit in your state’s energy future?

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