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Texas and Louisiana Want Primacy for CCUS

Texas and Louisiana are targeting carbon capture, working towards gaining primacy to expedite these climate-saving initiatives.

As the world races towards net zero emissions by 2050, CCUS is becoming an increasingly important piece of the puzzle. Studies show we can’t reach current climate targets without some form of carbon removal. 

Texas and Louisiana are hoping to obtain primacy when it comes to CCUS—making them the primary authority for permitting and enforcement of these projects. This means cutting through the dual permitting red tape from both state and the EPA, which has been a roadblock in the execution of CCUS projects. 

Already, Wyoming and North Dakota have achieved this status, but with Texas and Louisiana joining in, there’s hope for a more streamlined process across the board.

Hopefully, this will lead to more efficient and timely permitting. It doesn’t only mean good for the climate—it could boost economic growth and job creation too. 

Is the primacy route the best way to expedite CCUS projects, or is there a better alternative?

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