Solar AI Brings Rent-To-Own Solar to Singapore

While the world is turning to solar energy, many Singaporeans remain hesitant due to the steep upfront costs. 

Enter Solar AI, a startup aiming to change that perception with its innovative rent-to-own model. They recently scored $1.5 million in seed funding from investors like Earth Venture Capital and climate-tech angel David Pardo. 

Solar AI’s mission is to lower the barrier of trust and awareness in Southeast Asia. The truth? Solar penetration remains below 1% right now. People don’t want to pay $15,000 upfront and then finally break even years down the line. But Solar AI’s rental model aims to make solar ownership less risky for them. 

Currently powering 100+ customers with over $3 million SGD in rooftop solar contracts, Solar AI’s revolutionary model seems to be working. Singapore is getting onboard with solar! 

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