New Jersey’s Linden Cogeneration Facility Focuses on Hydrogen Blending

New Jersey’s Linden Cogeneration Facility has just fired up an extraordinary hydrogen blending project. The project enables the facility’s unit 6 gas turbine to run on a blend of natural gas and hydrogen-rich off-gas from the adjacent Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery.

Linden Cogen is a significant player, with a capacity of around 800 MW sold into one of the most congested and capacity-constrained power markets in the U.S. Now, its Unit 6, with a capacity of 172 MW, has become a pioneer in the transition to greener energy.

Unit 6’s gas turbine underwent modifications as part of the project, with a retrofit incorporating PSM’s FlameSheet combustion system. This system leverages patented fuel-air mixing concepts and provides up to a 30% gas turbine operating load range increase. What’s more, it maintains impressively low NOx and CO emissions. 

This project is anticipated to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 10% of annual emissions from Unit 6, improving both refinery and cogeneration operational efficiency. 

This is just the beginning. The EGCO Group, part-owner of the facility, plans to use learnings from this project in its other plants around the world as the technology improves. What a great step forward for the energy transition. 

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