Microsoft Seeks 100% Carbon-Free Operation of Data Center with Nuclear Power

Thanks to an hourly energy-matching deal between tech titan Microsoft and energy provider Constellation Energy Corp, Microsoft’s data center in Boydton, Virginia will soon near 100% carbon-free operation.

With this deal, 35% of the data center’s energy attributes will come from nuclear power, complementing existing wind and solar sources. Performance will be tracked via Constellation’s hourly carbon-free energy matching platform. 

An impressive 86% of Constellation’s output comes from nuclear. In fact, they provide 10% of all clean power on the grid today, making them the country’s largest producer of carbon-free energy. 

This development is HUGE for both the tech and energy sectors, showing the profound impact of collaboration in our race towards a net zero future! 

In a world aiming for net-zero carbon emissions, nuclear energy’s contribution cannot be overlooked – especially when considering intermittency issues with things like wind and solar. It’s a clean, reliable, and abundant power source we need to fully leverage to meet our energy and climate goals. 

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