GenH2 and ZeroAvia Push Liquid Hydrogen Technologies for Airports

The future of aviation is looking greener by the day. GenH2, a leader in hydrogen infrastructure solutions, has signed an MoU with hydrogen-electric propulsion developer ZeroAvia. Their mission? To develop liquid hydrogen aviation infrastructure solutions for use in airports.

ZeroAvia is on the cutting edge of zero-emission aviation powertrain technology, creating scalable, truly clean aviation solutions by replacing conventional combustion engines with hydrogen fuel cells.

GenH2’s tech is breaking traditional geographic constraints for liquid hydrogen users, offering hydrogen liquefaction, storage, and dispensing systems that can work airside as a ground support refueling unit.

Both companies have ambitious targets. ZeroAvia aims for certification of its ZA600, a 600kW 9-19 seat engine as early as 2025, before certifying the ZA2000 engine for up to 80 seat regional turboprops by 20​27. Meanwhile, GenH2 is focusing on mass-producing light-scale equipment to speed infrastructure buildout and make hydrogen accessible for everyday use around the glo​be.

Clear skies ahead with this powerful partnership! Let’s keep our eyes on the horizon and see how these companies transform the future of aviation.

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