EEX Bourse Set to Unveil HYDRIX – A Clean Hydrogen Index

The European energy bourse EEX takes a giant leap forward when it comes to price discovery for renewable energy markets. The newly announced HYDRIX is not just an index – it’s a beacon for the clean hydrogen economy. 

By providing clear price signals, this index will serve as a catalyst for market ramp-up and further investments in the hydrogen economy.

Why does this matter? No one really knows what clean hydrogen is worth yet. There is no liquid market, so investors can’t have comfort that the revenue will be there to support project finance until a market-based price is known. The new HYDRIX index boosts price transparency in renewable energy markets, which is a huge step in developing the global hydrogen market. 

Germany and other EU countries are pushing hard to produce and import hydrogen as part of their drive to transition to a lower carbon economy. When derived from renewables, hydrogen acts as a great clean energy storage solution. 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this milestone. The journey to a sustainable future is complex and challenging, but initiatives like HYDRIX are lighting the way. 

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