Deep Sky and Avnos Partner for Canada Carbon Capture Project

Montreal’s Deep Sky and Los Angeles’ Avnos are collaborating to introduce Hybrid Direct Air Capture (HDAC) technology in Canada, aiming for gigaton-scale carbon removal. 

Avnos will set up an Air Handling Unit in Canada to remove 450 tons of CO₂ annually, marking its first project outside the U.S. This initiative, taking advantage of local renewable energy, could place Canada as a key player in global decarbonization efforts. 

Both companies emphasize the economic and climate benefits of their partnership, which intends to provide large-scale carbon dioxide removal and job creation. 

Carbon capture is expected to be a key technology in global decarbonization efforts.  Experts agree that we need to be removing roughly 1 gigaton of carbon from the atmosphere every year by 2030. By 2050, that figure looks closer to 6 (or more!) gigatons per year.

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