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Blue Frontier’s Cool Solution to Inefficient ACs

As the world sweats through record-breaking temperatures, we NEED efficient, green cooling solutions.

Enter Blue Frontier.

The Florida-based company is looking to redefine air conditioning as we know it. Their secret? A special liquid salt solution that deals with temperature and humidity separately for big energy savings.

Developed alongside the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Blue Frontier’s solution breaks away from traditional AC units’ inherent inefficiencies. It also stores energy for use during peak times, helping to ease the burden on our strained power grids during hot spells.

Amid the blazing heat affecting millions across the globe, the demand for AC is skyrocketing. Tech like Blue Frontier’s could be a solution that doesn’t make our energy problem worse.

With a recent funding round of $20 million, Blue Frontier is all set to trial its groundbreaking ACs for businesses. If successful, this could reduce AC’s carbon footprint and make those hot summer days a bit more bearable.

Blue Frontier might just have the ‘coolest’ solution to our warming world.

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