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Atlantica Acquired by Energy Capital Partners

Atlantica has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Energy Capital Partners and co-investors. Atlantica is focused on sustainable infrastructure across renewable energy, storage, natural gas, electric transmission and water assets.

EarthGrid’s Plasma Robots Are Solving Energy Infrastructure – Troy Helming

Troy Helming, the CEO and Founder of EarthGrid, has a long history of success when it comes to clean energy ventures. A two-time unicorn founder, he headed two of the most successful renewable energy companies in the U.S.: wind developer Tradewind Energy and Pristine Sun, a leading developer of community utility-scale solar farms. Now, Troy is working on his latest endeavor - plasma-wielding, tunnel-boring robots.

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Research Shows Our Groundwater Pumping is Shifting Earth’s Axis

New research has revealed that our insatiable thirst for groundwater is so significant that it's tilting Earth's rotational axis. We've extracted so much liquid from subsurface reserves over the past decade, that it has tipped our planet's axis to the east by about 1.7 inches per year.

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A Global Water Crisis – Marc Cortez

Marc Cortez, CEO and Founder of Liquid8Water, is helping companies meet ambitious water neutrality goals.

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