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Fueling the Future, Fossil-Free – Gene Gebolys

Gene Gebolys, President and CEO of World Energy, is considered a global leader when it comes to next generation fuels. His early passion for science and policy catalyzed a remarkable career dedicated to advancing fossil fuel alternatives. For over 25 years, his work at World Energy has driven leading breakthroughs in renewable fuels and helped expand use across the North American continent. 

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SAF One and Vietjet Partner for SAF Production in Vietnam

Vietjet Air, a Vietnamese low-cost carrier, has partnered with Dubai-based start-up SAF One to develop sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for the airline. The two signed a MoU during the recent COP28 in Dubai, stating their plans to develop and deploy SAF throughout Vietnam. This aligns with a growing focus on SAF in the Asia-Pacific region overall. 

Montana Renewables Begins SAF Shipments to Shell Aviation

Montana Renewables, soon-to-be North America's largest SAF producer, begins shipments to Shell Aviation, and pledges to increase production. Montana Renewables has initiated its first shipments of sustainable aviation fuel (#SAF) to Shell Aviation, following a multi-year agreement. The deal enables Shell to distribute SAF to its US customers, including JetBlue,

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