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Molten Industries Secures $25M for Methane Pyrolysis

Molten Industries has raised $25 million for their methane pyrolysis technology. The Oakland, CA-based startup splits methane into 2 parts - graphite for use in lithium batteries and hydrogen for use in heavy industry decarbonization.

The Evolution of Hydrogen – Mauricio “Mo” Vargas

Mauricio “Mo” Vargas, President and CEO of BayoTech, has witnessed and contributed to significant advancements in hydrogen applications over the years. With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the sector, Vargas shares his insights into the growth and future of hydrogen technology.

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Plug Power Receives $1.66M Loan from DOE for Hydrogen

Plug Power has secured a $1.66 billion conditional loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop their clean hydrogen production pipeline. The company plans to build and operate up to six facilities across the U.S. with this funding. The hydrogen will be used in a variety of sectors, including material handling, transportation, and heavy industry.

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Hysata Raises $111M for Hydrogen Tech

Australian-based Hysata has recently raised $111M in Series B funding for their hydrogen technology. Using a highly efficient electrolyzer cell, Hysata plans to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen production. This would allow for wider use in industries like steel, chemicals, and transportation.

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Fortescue & Actis Plan 4.5GW Hydrogen Plant in Oman

Fortescue and Actis are moving forward on a 200,000 clean hydrogen project in Oman. The pair have just been awarded land rights to build, own, operate the plant. This project is part of Oman's hydrogen strategy, which plans to take advantage of the country's abundant renewable energy resources for large-scale hydrogen production. 

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Evoloh Raises $20M for Hydrogen Electrolyzer Manufacturing

Evoloh has just raised $20 million in Series A funding to help scale their electrolyzer manufacturing capabilities. The company plans to make clean hydrogen more available and cheaper. 

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A Cheaper, Safer Way to Handle Hydrogen – Assaf Sayada

Hydro X CEO Assaf Sayada is taking on the hydrogen industry with a technology that tackles key storage and transportation challenges. In this episode, Assaf provides an overview of the hydrogen value chain's problems and how Hydro X plans to solve them.

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Koloma Raises $245M for Natural Hydrogen

Natural hydrogen startup Koloma has raised $245 million in Series B funding. This round was led by Khosla Ventures and included Amazon’s climate fund and United Airlines’ VC fund.Koloma has previously raised $91 million, including funds from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

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Decarbonization Strategies for Net Zero – Jeff VanVoorhis

In this episode of Energy Superheroes, we are joined by Jeff VanVoorhis, Vice President of EPC Project Development at Mead & Hunt. Jeff brings a wealth of experience in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services, with a heavy focus on decarbonization solutions.

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H2 Green Steel Secures $4.5B in Debt Financing

H2 Green Steel has secured over $4.5 billion in debt financing for its Boden green steel plant. This includes nearly $326 million in equity, and a $272 million EU Innovation Fund grant.

Fueling the Future, Fossil-Free – Gene Gebolys

Gene Gebolys, President and CEO of World Energy, is considered a global leader when it comes to next generation fuels. His early passion for science and policy catalyzed a remarkable career dedicated to advancing fossil fuel alternatives. For over 25 years, his work at World Energy has driven leading breakthroughs in renewable fuels and helped expand use across the North American continent. 

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ZeroAvia Announces $116m Series C Round

ZeroAvia Announces $116m Series C Round. ZeroAvia is focused on zero-emission aircraft, particularly hydrogen-electric power driven. By the end of 2025, their engines will support a 300-mile range in 9–19 seat aircraft. By 2027, those figures jump up to a 700-mile range in 40–80 seat aircraft.

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