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Atlantica Acquired by Energy Capital Partners

Atlantica has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Energy Capital Partners and co-investors. Atlantica is focused on sustainable infrastructure across renewable energy, storage, natural gas, electric transmission and water assets.

Rivian Enters $5B Joint Venture with Volkswagen

Rivian is receiving $5 billion from Volkswagen in a new joint venture. Volkswagen is placing a $1 billion stake now and will invest another $4 billion down the road. 

X Shore Raises €8.5M for Electric Boats

X Shore, a leader in electric boat technology based in Stockholm, has secured €8.5 million in funding. This new capital is part of over €100 million raised since the startup’s inception in 2016.

EV Sales To Hit 17 Million in 2024

According to the latest IEA report, 2024 is projected to see a record 17 million electric cars sold worldwide. That’s a 25% increase from last year.

Generate Capital Raises $1.5B for Sustainable Infrastructure

Generate Capital has announced a raise of $1.5 billion for sustainable infrastructure from both institutional investors and pension funds. Investors include CalSTRS, Australian superannuation fund HESTA, QIC and AustralianSuper.

Ineratec Raises $129 Million for E-Fuels 

Ineratec, a startup specializing in sustainable e-fuels and synthetic chemicals for hard-to-abate sectors, has successfully raised $129 million in Series B funding. This round was led by Piva Capital, a VC firm focusing on energy and industrial startups, with additional participation from Planet A Ventures and High-Tech Gründerfonds.

Fueling the Future, Fossil-Free – Gene Gebolys

Gene Gebolys, President and CEO of World Energy, is considered a global leader when it comes to next generation fuels. His early passion for science and policy catalyzed a remarkable career dedicated to advancing fossil fuel alternatives. For over 25 years, his work at World Energy has driven leading breakthroughs in renewable fuels and helped expand use across the North American continent. 

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Preventing Another Dieselgate – Nick Molden

Nick Molden, founder and CEO of Emissions Analytics, is promoting public awareness around the issue of automotive emissions. An Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London, he is recognized for his expertise in vehicle emissions testing and has significantly contributed to the understanding of real-world emissions data.

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Aether Fuels Raises $8.5M for SAF

Aether Fuels has raised $8.5 million in pre-Series A financing to develop sustainable fuels for aviation and ocean shipping. Investors include JetBlue Ventures, TechEnergy Ventures, Doral Energy Tech Ventures, Foothill Ventures, and Xora Innovation. The funding will accelerate their technology development, expand their Chicago demo facility, and grow their global team. 

SAF One and Vietjet Partner for SAF Production in Vietnam

Vietjet Air, a Vietnamese low-cost carrier, has partnered with Dubai-based start-up SAF One to develop sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for the airline. The two signed a MoU during the recent COP28 in Dubai, stating their plans to develop and deploy SAF throughout Vietnam. This aligns with a growing focus on SAF in the Asia-Pacific region overall. 

Breakthrough Energy Catalyst Invests $75 Million in Infinium’s Project Roadrunner for Sustainable Fuel Development

Breakthrough Energy Catalyst Invests $75 Million in Infinium's Project Roadrunner for Sustainable Fuel Development. Located in West Texas, Project Roadrunner is set to be the largest Power-to-Liquids eFuels project in North America. It focuses on converting waste CO2 and renewable power into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and other low-carbon fuels. 

ZeroAvia Announces $116m Series C Round

ZeroAvia Announces $116m Series C Round. ZeroAvia is focused on zero-emission aircraft, particularly hydrogen-electric power driven. By the end of 2025, their engines will support a 300-mile range in 9–19 seat aircraft. By 2027, those figures jump up to a 700-mile range in 40–80 seat aircraft.

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