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SiTration Raises $11.8M for Critical Metal Recovery

MIT spin-off SiTration has secured $11.8 million in funding to recover critical metals from mining waste streams. Using silicone membrane technology, the startup can separate out minerals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel and copper. These are all key for the energy transition and used in things like batteries and wind turbines.

To Build Better Materials, Start at the Nanoscale – Pavle Jeremić

Pavle Jeremić is the CEO of Aether, a company at the forefront of nanoscale chemistry and protein engineering. Under his leadership, Aether is redefining material synthesis and resource extraction by leveraging artificial intelligence and robotics.

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CemVision Raises €10M for Green Cement

Bill Gates-backed CemVision has raised €10 million in seed funding to help develop sustainable cement. Investors include Polar Structure, BackingMinds, and Zacua Ventures. The startup utilizes recycled waste from steel and mining to reduce cement's carbon footprint. 

Generate Capital Raises $1.5B for Sustainable Infrastructure

Generate Capital has announced a raise of $1.5 billion for sustainable infrastructure from both institutional investors and pension funds. Investors include CalSTRS, Australian superannuation fund HESTA, QIC and AustralianSuper.

H2 Green Steel Secures $4.5B in Debt Financing

H2 Green Steel has secured over $4.5 billion in debt financing for its Boden green steel plant. This includes nearly $326 million in equity, and a $272 million EU Innovation Fund grant.

Element Zero Raises $10M for Green Steel

Element Zero, a green materials platform company, has successfully raised $10 million in seed funding, led by Playground Global. Element Zero’s goal is to decarbonize the production of iron and other critical metals.

LC3 Cement Solution Sparks Global Interest

A new cement solution known as Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) could help drive down global emissions. Consisting of clinker, calcined clay, limestone, and gypsum, LC3 promises up to a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional cements.

Immaterial Raises Series A for Decarbonization Tech

UK-based startup Immaterial has successfully completed its Series A, with plans to decarbonize the world. The Cambridge University spinout is on a mission to make carbon capture economically viable and tackle the challenges of green hydrogen storage. With a focus on advanced materials, they aim to create solutions with lower capital and operating costs.

Unlocking the Potential of the Bioeconomy – Florian Graichen

How can we unlock the potential of the bioeconomy? Our latest Energy Superhero, Florian Graichen, is the General Manager in charge of forestry and bio-based products at Scion, a New Zealand Crown Research Agency. With a strong background in chemical engineering and a hands-on role in Scion's biocomposites program, Florian plays a crucial role in steering the agency towards innovative and sustainable bio-based solutions. Through collaboration, innovation, and a deep-seated commitment to sustainability, Scion and Florian are championing the path to a greener, more prosperous future.

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Dioxycle Secures $17 Million to Make Ethylene from Recycled Carbon Emissions

Dioxycle has secured $17 million to make ethylene from recycled carbon emissions. Why is this huge? Firstly, while everyone's used to discussing things like renewables and EVs, we're finally witnessing funding being poured into sectors that have traditionally been sidelined despite their enormous carbon footprint. 

Startup Material Evolution Secures $19M for Low Carbon Cement

Material Evolution, founded in 2017, has just announced a $19 million Series A round to scale the production of its low carbon cement. The funding round was led by Kompas VC, with participation from Norrsken VC, Circle Rock, and SigmaRoc.

Bahamas-Based Partanna Raises $12M for Carbon Negative Cement

Enter Partanna, a Bahamas-based startup that manufactures carbon negative cement, who just raised $12 million in their pre-seed round.

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