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Molten Industries Secures $25M for Methane Pyrolysis

Molten Industries has raised $25 million for their methane pyrolysis technology. The Oakland, CA-based startup splits methane into 2 parts - graphite for use in lithium batteries and hydrogen for use in heavy industry decarbonization.

Windfall Bio Raises $28M for Methane-Eating Microbes

Windfall Bio has raised $28 million in Series A funding to scale its decarbonization technology, using methane-eating microbes to reduce industrial emissions. The California-based startup takes advantage of naturally occurring microbes to convert methane into useful agricultural nutrients. 

Regenerative Agriculture: A Solution to Climate Change – Philippe Birker

Could regenerative agriculture be our solution to climate change? Meet Philippe Birker, co-founder of Climate Farmers, an organization that champions regenerative agriculture across Europe. Philippe has devoted his career to promoting agricultural practices that not only sustain but actively restore the health of our planet.

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The M&A Success Story Taking on Global Ag – Paul Goldberg

Paul Goldberg, CEO of Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences, chats about the revolutionary hydrogel product that will change the face of agriculture

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