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OpenAI CEO and Andreessen Horowitz Invest $20M in Exowatt

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and VC firm Andreessen Horowitz have invested $20 million in Exowatt, a startup focused on cleanly powering data centers. Data centers, which are critical for AI and other data-heavy operations, have come under scrutiny for their high energy use. 

Upgrading the Hydrogen Industry with Digital Tech – Richard Zhang

Richard Zhang, the Head of Digital at Electric Hydrogen, is taking a unique approach to hydrogen integration. By combining digital technologies with hydrogen infrastructure, Richard has helped to redefine efficiency for the industry.

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Kairos Raises $52 Million for Methane Detection

Aerospace startup Kairos just raised $52 million for their methane detection technology. This funding round was led by BlackRock. We hear a lot about CO2, but methane is also a concern when it comes to climate. Did you know that methane has 84 times the warming potential of CO2 over a 10 year period? 

Jua Raises $16M for Climate-Focused AI

Swiss startup Jua has raised $16 million to develop an AI model for better understanding the natural world. Essentially creating a giant physics model, the company is starting with a focus on weather and climate patterns. 

Nasdaq Introduces Carbon Credit Digitization Tech

Nasdaq has revealed a new technology for the carbon credit industry that digitizes the issuance, settlement, and safekeeping of carbon credits. Until now, the market often relied on unstandardized manual processes, limiting its scalability.

Gamifying Environmental Action with NIU Planet – Jose Pere

How can we better encourage individuals to take environmental action? Energy Superhero Jose Pere, CEO and co-founder of NIU Planet, might have the solution. Jose, hailing from a nature-rich upbringing in Ecuador, has channeled his environmental passion into creating an app that makes conservation efforts both engaging and rewarding.

spotify logo img energy mediaListen on Spotify Raises $2.5 Million in Seed Round recently announced a $2.5 million seed investment to help advance their AI-driven solutions for nuclear energy. Leading the round was AZ-VC, with a strong show of support from Nucleation Capital. It sounds like there is some exciting R&D in the pipeline. Products like AtomAssist, an advanced Nuclear Language Model, and more. 

Digital Twins and the Energy Transition – Kevin O’Donovan

How can digital twins support the energy transition? Kevin O'Donovan is a technology evangelist, working to bridge the gap between fiction and reality when it comes to the latest energy transition tech. With past experience at heavy hitters like Compaq, HP, and Intel, he has long been focused on how we can change the world through up-and-coming innovations. As a Fractional Executive at OneTwenty 1, he now helps companies navigate the fast-paced world of new technology. Kevin's expertise lies in the intersection of energy and digitization, making him an ideal person to discuss the role and importance of digital twins in the energy industry.

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Real Estate ESG Data Provider Measurabl Raises $93 Million

Established in 2013, San Diego-based Measurabl has been helping commercial, residential, and corporate real estate owners and asset managers measure, manage, and report ESG data. Their platform now covers more than 16 billion square feet of real estate, with over $2 trillion in asset value across 93 countries.

Peak Power Raises $35 Million for Energy Storage Optimization Software

Canada-based Peak Power just raised $35 million for their energy storage optimization software solution. The company plans to use the new funds to move operations into the U.S. market and continue to expand its software capabilities. 

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