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OpenAI CEO and Andreessen Horowitz Invest $20M in Exowatt

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and VC firm Andreessen Horowitz have invested $20 million in Exowatt, a startup focused on cleanly powering data centers. Data centers, which are critical for AI and other data-heavy operations, have come under scrutiny for their high energy use. 

Upgrading the Hydrogen Industry with Digital Tech – Richard Zhang

Richard Zhang, the Head of Digital at Electric Hydrogen, is taking a unique approach to hydrogen integration. By combining digital technologies with hydrogen infrastructure, Richard has helped to redefine efficiency for the industry.

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Jua Raises $16M for Climate-Focused AI

Swiss startup Jua has raised $16 million to develop an AI model for better understanding the natural world. Essentially creating a giant physics model, the company is starting with a focus on weather and climate patterns. 

Amperon Secures $20 Million Series B Funding For Energy Analytics and Grid Decarbonization

Amperon is on a mission to modernize the grid system and significantly reduce carbon emissions. Their analytics platform empowers utilities and energy retailers to better understand demand, enabling smarter grid operations and promoting clean energy solutions. 

Can robots solve climate change? – Joshua Olaiya

Can robots solve climate change? Joshua Olaiya, a 20-year-old robotics prodigy from Nigeria, is hoping to spark a robotics revolution - one that could potentially be the key to fighting climate change. The young tech visionary recently went viral for his “hand gesture robot” - developed when he was only 17.

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DCVC Raises $1 Billion for Deep Tech

DCVC has raised over $1 billion, empowering deep-tech founders to tackle real world problems. What makes DCVC's portfolio so special? Their investments in deep-tech companies apply computing innovation to tackle some of today’s most stubborn problems – from climate change, to aerospace, to human health, to robotics. 

How Irish Data Centers are Saving the Bees – Garry Connolly

This Energy Superhero is making big waves in the world of digital infrastructure. Based in the Greater Dublin metropolitan area, Garry Connolly describes himself as “a stubborn digital optimist, common sense advocate, possibleist and connector of people with challenges to those that have solutions.” As a top podcast host and an expert in digital infrastructure and digitalization, Garry is helping to shape the way we get connected on a global scale.

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