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Atlantica Acquired by Energy Capital Partners

Atlantica has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Energy Capital Partners and co-investors. Atlantica is focused on sustainable infrastructure across renewable energy, storage, natural gas, electric transmission and water assets.

M2X Energy Raises $40M for Low-Carbon Methanol

M2X Energy has raised $40 million in Series B for their modular, transportable gas-to-liquids systems, which convert stranded methane into low-carbon methanol. 

Last Energy Develops Nuclear for NATO Military

Last Energy has announced a partnership with NATO to develop and deploy micro nuclear reactors for military operations. This collaboration will enhance energy security and provide reliable, robust power 24/7 for these critical applications.

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Carlyle Group Targets Data Centers as Solar Customers in Arizona

Carlyle Group is targeting AI-focused data centers as key customers for their new solar power farms in Arizona.Copia Power, Carlyle's renewable energy arm, is working on several projects. The first of which is a $2 billion, 1.5-gigawatt solar and storage project near Phoenix. 

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Microsoft Sets Energy Requirements for Suppliers

Microsoft has announced that it will be imposing new climate requirements on its suppliers. By 2030, all key suppliers must use 100% carbon-free energy. This new policy is intended to help the large company reduce its emissions, which have risen roughly 30% since 2020. Much of these emissions come from either AI infrastructure or supply chain impacts. 

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The Future of Energy Storage – Yazan Harasis

Our latest Energy Superhero is Yazan Harasis, a significant figure in the energy storage sector and a Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee. Harasis is the co-founder of Power Edison, where he has been instrumental in advancing cutting-edge energy storage technologies.

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Base Power Offers Battery Home Energy in Texas

Texas company Base Power has just launched a battery-powered home energy service that offers Texans a cheaper, more reliable power option. Considering that Texas has the highest rate of power outages in the nation, this is a welcome addition to the energy mix. 

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Brookfield and Microsoft to Develop 10.5GW of Renewables

Brookfield Renewable and Microsoft have entered into a strategic partnership to develop over 10.5 GW of new renewable power. That’s almost eight times bigger than the largest single corporate PPA ever signed.

OpenAI CEO and Andreessen Horowitz Invest $20M in Exowatt

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and VC firm Andreessen Horowitz have invested $20 million in Exowatt, a startup focused on cleanly powering data centers. Data centers, which are critical for AI and other data-heavy operations, have come under scrutiny for their high energy use. 

Biden Administration Gives $4B in Clean Energy Tax Credits

The Biden administration plans to allocate $4 billion in tax credits to over 100 clean energy projects across 35 states. This initiative hopes to enhance domestic manufacturing of clean energy equipment, covering areas like hydrogen production, wind energy, and battery technology.

Upgrading the Hydrogen Industry with Digital Tech – Richard Zhang

Richard Zhang, the Head of Digital at Electric Hydrogen, is taking a unique approach to hydrogen integration. By combining digital technologies with hydrogen infrastructure, Richard has helped to redefine efficiency for the industry.

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Quaise Energy Raises $21M for Geothermal Tech

MIT-spinoff Quaise Energy has just raised $21 million to advance their geothermal technology. Quaise Energy uses high-power microwaves to vaporize rocks, allowing for deeper drilling than traditional methods. This could make geothermal energy more widely accessible and not bound to specific locations. 

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