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SiTration Raises $11.8M for Critical Metal Recovery

MIT spin-off SiTration has secured $11.8 million in funding to recover critical metals from mining waste streams. Using silicone membrane technology, the startup can separate out minerals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel and copper. These are all key for the energy transition and used in things like batteries and wind turbines.

Circular Raises $10.5M for Circular Economy Digital Platform

San Francisco-based startup Circular has secured $10.5 million in funding for their circular economy digital tools platform. The round was led by Maniv, Oxygea, and Eclipse. This investment could signal increasing market demand for technologies that support a circular economy and sustainable waste management solutions. 

Rethinking Our Relationship with the Planet – Alison Wise

Alison Wise, Founder and Principal of Wise Strategies, shares her rich background in environmental advocacy and her unique insights into sustainable energy. Her consulting firm provides solutions for technology and systems innovation, market analysis, project management, and communication throughout the cleantech sector. 

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Rethinking the Beverage Supply Chain – Manuela Zoninsein

Manuela Zoninsein is set on transforming the beverage industry, all while reducing environmental impact and supporting frontline workers. As the CEO and founder of Kadeya, she is helping crack down on single use plastics through innovative beverage vending stations. 

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Turning Waste into Hydrogen – Jean-Louis Kindler

What is we could turn waste into hydrogen? As the population continues to climb, we are creating more waste than ever. Energy Superhero Jean-Louis Kindler, CEO of Ways2H, has a solution - hydrogen fuel. His company uses an innovative approach to convert waste into carbon-negative, renewable hydrogen for mobility and power generation. 

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Unlocking the Potential of the Bioeconomy – Florian Graichen

How can we unlock the potential of the bioeconomy? Our latest Energy Superhero, Florian Graichen, is the General Manager in charge of forestry and bio-based products at Scion, a New Zealand Crown Research Agency. With a strong background in chemical engineering and a hands-on role in Scion's biocomposites program, Florian plays a crucial role in steering the agency towards innovative and sustainable bio-based solutions. Through collaboration, innovation, and a deep-seated commitment to sustainability, Scion and Florian are championing the path to a greener, more prosperous future.

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