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Can Direct Air Capture Transform Climate Change? – Mark Cyffka

Mark Cyffka, the co-founder and COO of AirMyne, is solving one of today’s most pressing issues: carbon emissions. At AirMyne, Mark is pushing affordable and scalable direct air capture (DAC) technology to combat climate change.

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M2X Energy Raises $40M for Low-Carbon Methanol

M2X Energy has raised $40 million in Series B for their modular, transportable gas-to-liquids systems, which convert stranded methane into low-carbon methanol. 

Captura Expands Series A to $45.3M for Ocean Carbon Capture

Captura, a Caltech spinoff specializing in ocean carbon capture technology, has successfully expanded its Series A funding to $45.3 million. This round, which included new investors National Grid Partners and the Japan Airlines Innovation Fund, will help broaden operations and enhance business outreach. 

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Windfall Bio Raises $28M for Methane-Eating Microbes

Windfall Bio has raised $28 million in Series A funding to scale its decarbonization technology, using methane-eating microbes to reduce industrial emissions. The California-based startup takes advantage of naturally occurring microbes to convert methane into useful agricultural nutrients. 

Deep Sky and Avnos Partner for Canada Carbon Capture Project

Montreal's Deep Sky and Los Angeles' Avnos are collaborating to introduce Hybrid Direct Air Capture (HDAC) technology in Canada, aiming for gigaton-scale carbon removal. Avnos will set up an Air Handling Unit in Canada to remove 450 tons of CO₂ annually, marking its first project outside the U.S. This initiative, taking advantage of local renewable energy, could place Canada as a key player in global decarbonization efforts. 

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U.S. DOE and Google Commit to $35M Carbon Removal Credits

The U.S. Department of Energy has committed to purchasing $35 million carbon removal credits, and is challenging companies to do the same. Google has pledged to match the DOE’s $35 million commitment.

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SLB Acquires Majority Stake in Aker Carbon Capture

SLB has agreed to pay almost $400 million to acquire 80% of Norwegian company Aker Carbon Capture. This partnership will help scale industrial decarbonization. 

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Mission Zero Raises £21.8M for DAC

Mission Zero Technologies has raised £21.8 million in Series A funding for its unique direct air capture (DAC) technology. Their system uses electricity and a liquid solution to efficiently capture and concentrate atmospheric CO2. This CO2 can then be used in the circular carbon economy.

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CarbonCapture Secures $80M for DAC

CarbonCapture has just completed a $80 million Series A round for their Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology. The funding was led by Prime Movers Lab and included contributions from Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, Aramco Ventures, and Siemens Financial Services. This funding will be used to further develop CarbonCapture's technology and support installations of their unique modular DAC units.

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Greenlyte Carbon Technologies Raises €105M for DAC

UK-based Greenlyte Carbon Technologies has raised €105 million for their low energy direct air capture (DAC) system. Investors for the Pre Series A round included Earlybird Venture Capital, Green Generation Fund, and Carbon Removal Partners. Unlike other DAC technologies, Greenlyte’s requires minimal energy input thanks to its liquid-sorbent solution. 

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Red Trail Energy and Announce Largest Carbon Credit Issuance

Red Trail Energy has just become the first ethanol plant to generate carbon credits on the voluntary market. announced the 157,592 CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) on their Puro Registry, marking the largest credit issuance to date.

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Using Molten Salt to Capture Carbon – Cameron Halliday

Cameron Halliday, founder and CEO of Mantel, is leading the fight against climate change with Mantel's first-of-its-kind molten salt carbon capture technology. The tech has the potential to transform industrial emissions reductions. By addressing efficiency, cost, scalability, and integration challenges head-on, Mantel is leading the global transition towards a low-carbon future.

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