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The Evolution of Hydrogen – Mauricio “Mo” Vargas

Mauricio “Mo” Vargas, President and CEO of BayoTech, has witnessed and contributed to significant advancements in hydrogen applications over the years. With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the sector, Vargas shares his insights into the growth and future of hydrogen technology.

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Podcast Hydrogen

A Nuclear Solution: Powering Data Centers, AI, and Beyond

AI is here in full force, growing more and more by the day. Especially at scale, AI requires substantial computational resources, which in turn necessitate more data center capacity. That means electricity - and a lot of it. Could nuclear be a solution?


To Build Better Materials, Start at the Nanoscale – Pavle Jeremić

Pavle Jeremić is the CEO of Aether, a company at the forefront of nanoscale chemistry and protein engineering. Under his leadership, Aether is redefining material synthesis and resource extraction by leveraging artificial intelligence and robotics.

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The Future of Energy Storage – Yazan Harasis

Our latest Energy Superhero is Yazan Harasis, a significant figure in the energy storage sector and a Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee. Harasis is the co-founder of Power Edison, where he has been instrumental in advancing cutting-edge energy storage technologies.

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Podcast Clean Power

Base Power Offers Battery Home Energy in Texas

Texas company Base Power has just launched a battery-powered home energy service that offers Texans a cheaper, more reliable power option. Considering that Texas has the highest rate of power outages in the nation, this is a welcome addition to the energy mix. 

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Hysata Raises $111M for Hydrogen Tech

Australian-based Hysata has recently raised $111M in Series B funding for their hydrogen technology. Using a highly efficient electrolyzer cell, Hysata plans to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen production. This would allow for wider use in industries like steel, chemicals, and transportation.

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Brookfield and Microsoft to Develop 10.5GW of Renewables

Brookfield Renewable and Microsoft have entered into a strategic partnership to develop over 10.5 GW of new renewable power. That’s almost eight times bigger than the largest single corporate PPA ever signed.

X Shore Raises €8.5M for Electric Boats

X Shore, a leader in electric boat technology based in Stockholm, has secured €8.5 million in funding. This new capital is part of over €100 million raised since the startup’s inception in 2016.

Fortescue & Actis Plan 4.5GW Hydrogen Plant in Oman

Fortescue and Actis are moving forward on a 200,000 clean hydrogen project in Oman. The pair have just been awarded land rights to build, own, operate the plant. This project is part of Oman's hydrogen strategy, which plans to take advantage of the country's abundant renewable energy resources for large-scale hydrogen production. 

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The Ethanol Advantage: From Sustainable Fuel to Renewable Plastics

As the world moves toward sustainability, "Ethanol to X" is a growing solution for decarbonization across multiple industries. This approach leverages ethanol, derived from biomass such as corn, to develop a range of products beyond traditional fuel applications. "Ethanol to X" not only cuts carbon emissions, but also promotes a circular economy by repurposing captured carbon into various products.


EV Sales To Hit 17 Million in 2024

According to the latest IEA report, 2024 is projected to see a record 17 million electric cars sold worldwide. That’s a 25% increase from last year.

Navigating Global Energy Dynamics – Sean Strawbridge

Sean Strawbridge, Co-Founding Partner at Voyager Energy Partners and former CEO of the Port of Corpus Christi, boasts a long career navigating some of the hardest challenges of the energy sector.

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Podcast LNGRNG
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