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ZEV Station Earns CEC Grants Totaling $5.6M for Pioneering Hydrogen Fueling and Rural EV Charging

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has awarded ZEV Station, the innovative B-Corporation that’s merging high-throughput hydrogen fueling and EV charging, with two grants: $4M to build a groundbreaking multimodal medium and heavy-duty hydrogen station, and $1.6M to bolster rural EV charging facilities. All this happening in sunny Palm Springs, California.

When this hydrogen station is up and running, it will dispense up to 5 tons of green hydrogen per day for Class 6-8 MD/HD vehicles. First, we’ll see gaseous hydrogen fueling, and later, subcooled liquid hydrogen fueling will join the mix. The station is set to be a testing ground for hydrogen fast fueling that can match diesel fueling rates.

This follows their initial $1.6M grant to jumpstart EV charging stations in rural regions. Both projects align with California’s goal of hitting net zero. 

It’s clear that ZEV Station is paving the way for a zero-emission vehicle infrastructure revolution. They’re bridging the gap between two transportation megatrends – electric and hydrogen for heavy-duty transport – to hasten the replacement of petroleum.

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