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Verdagy Secures $73 Million for Hydrogen Electrolyzer Tech

The Moss Landing, CA startup, a frontrunner in developing electrolyzer technologies for industrial markets, just raised an impressive $73 million in their Series B round. 

This round was led by Temasek and Shell Ventures, with additional investments from Samsung Venture Investment and Toppan Ventures.

Vergady has some pretty powerful tech in development. Their eDynamic 20 MW electrolyzer module plans to help scale hydrogen productions units at the 200 MW scale.

But why is this HUGE for the energy transition? Simple: Hydrogen technology advancement is a necessary step. As we chase a sustainable future, hydrogen emerges as a clean, versatile, and dense energy carrier. It’s pivotal to decarbonize sectors hard to electrify, like heavy industry and aviation.

Verdagy aims to push their eDynamic tech to giants in heavy sectors like oil, gas, and steel, aligning with global industrial decarbonization goals. 

Hydrogen’s role in the energy transition is undeniable, and with Verdagy’s advances, we’re one step closer to a sustainable future!

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