Startup Material Evolution Secures $19M for Low Carbon Cement

Did you know that cement contributes to a whopping 8% of global CO2 emissions? If cement were a country, it would rank as the third largest emitter worldwide!

Yet, UK-based startup Material Evolution is making big changes with a groundbreaking low-carbon cement solution. 

Material Evolution, founded in 2017, has just announced a $19 million Series A round to scale the production of its cement. The funding round was led by Kompas VC, with participation from Norrsken VC, Circle Rock, and SigmaRoc.

And this isn’t just any old cement — it boasts an impressive 85% lower carbon footprint than standard options. 

Material Evolution stands apart from the competition thanks to its unique technology. No need for traditional energy-intensive cement kilns. Instead, the startup uses an “alkali-fusion” process, allowing production at room temperatures from industrial wastes and feedstocks. No fossil fuels required here! 

Who else is excited to see the cement industry take on a greener shade?

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