Plus Power Secures $1.8 Billion to Boost Renewables and Stabilize the Grid

This funding signifies a huge leap towards greener, more resilient energy infrastructure.

The fresh capital will be used toward the development and deployment of standalone battery energy storage systems, which are crucial in balancing supply and demand. They ensure a steady power supply even when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. 

The announcement includes $707 million for the 250 megawatt Sierra Estrella Energy Storage facility in Arizona (the largest ever for a standalone project). Funding will also go toward 700 megawatts on the Texas ERCOT, which will improve grid reliability as the state faces more and more days over 100 degrees. 

What a strong vote of confidence for the energy transition. These investments highlight the critical role of innovative energy storage solutions in combating climate change and achieving energy sustainability.

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