Nikola Corporation Earns $41.9M Grant for California Hydrogen Infrastructure

Nikola Corporation has scored a $41.9 million grant for hydrogen infrastructure in California.

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has awarded Nikola and sponsor California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) funds to construct six heavy-duty hydrogen refueling stations throughout the southern part of the state. This investment furthers Caltrans’ zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) strategy, supporting the growth and adoption of ZEV freight tech. 

These six stations will sit along Californian freight corridors in several air quality management districts. The anticipated impact? A significant boost to the region’s environmental and community health. We’re talking about diminishing carbon emissions, improving air quality, AND reducing noise pollution! 

Each station will be able to fuel roughly 80 to 100 trucks per station per day. All of this infrastructure is all set to be rolled out before Nikola launches their hydrogen fuel cell truck later this month, which is expected to drive adoption. 

Nikola is truly working to transform the transportation industry, and with this latest development, they’re certainly fueling the momentum. 

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