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Equilibrium Energy Raises $33 Million for Clean Energy

Equilibrium Energy has just announced a massive $33 million in venture funding. Who’s involved? Industry giants include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Global Founders Capital, NJP Ventures, and others.

Founded in 2021, Equilibrium is tackling ones of today’s greatest challenges – a climate change friendly power grid. Their idea, the Climate Generation power company, seeks blend deep energy expertise, AI, and power grid fundamentals to jumpstart our transition to a green energy society. 

Their latest achievement? 

They’ve just secured the LARGEST battery tolling agreement in Texas, boasting a 100 MW battery, which started running last month on their power volatility-centric platform. 

Equilibrium’s model is like a “PPA-for-batteries”. Using tolling agreements, they plan to revolutionize grid-scale batteries just like what PPAs did for wind and solar. 

What do you think about this new energy powerhouse? Do they have what it takes to redefine the power sector?

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