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EnergyX Secures $50M in Series B Funding for Lithium Tech

We hosted EnergyX CEO Teague Egan on the Energy Superheroes podcast a while back, where he explained how his company is developing groundbreaking energy storage and lithium extraction technologies. 

This funding round was led by forward-thinking investors who clearly see the immense potential in sustainable energy solutions. This includes General Motors, Elohim Partners, and IMM Investment Global. IMM’s fund was largely contributed to by POSCO Holdings, a South Korean lithium battery materials company. 

EnergyX is changing the world of batteries with its patented Lithium-Ion Transport and Separation (LiTAS) technology, which is less harmful and more efficient than traditional extraction options. 

Investments like these are what will fuel the energy transition, and with companies like EnergyX leading the way, a carbon-neutral future looks more achievable than ever. 

To learn more, be sure to check out our full episode with EnergyX on Youtube or our website


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