DCVC Raises $1 Billion for Deep Tech

DCVC has raised over $1 billion, empowering deep-tech founders to tackle real world problems.

What makes DCVC’s portfolio so special? Their investments in deep-tech companies apply computing innovation to tackle some of today’s most stubborn problems – from climate change, to aerospace, to human health, to robotics. 

And they’ve certainly put their money where their mouth is. Early investments in scale-out technology helped build giants like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Illumina, and VMWare, demonstrating a deep commitment to fostering innovation.

Many portfolio companies are making a huge impact already. Take Pivot Bio, which reprograms soil microbes to produce nitrogen sustainably, or Fervo Energy, leading a renaissance in geothermal energy, or even Twelve, which has broken ground on its first commercial plant for sustainable aviation fuel made from CO2. 

Their portfolio is not just about tackling global challenges, it’s about driving sustainable change without passing on costs to the hardworking people. It’s a model for a sustainable, equitable future. 

And with this fresh capital, DCVC is ready to back the next generation of deep-tech breakthroughs. It’s a thrilling prospect for the future of tech and the world. 

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