Cornish Lithium Raises $67 Million

Cornish Lithium has secured $67 million in investments, helping lead the UK’s green revolution. Key investors include UK Infrastructure Bank, The Energy & Minerals Group, and TechMet (the largest existing shareholder in Cornish Lithium).  This influx of capital will accelerate the creation of a domestic supply of battery-grade lithium compounds. This is essential for increasing battery production for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. Cornish Lithium is extracting lithium from hot springs beneath the Cornish granites. The result? Igniting a NEW mining wave in Cornwall, bridging the gap between Cornwall’s rich 4,000-year mining past and a sustainable future.  This is more than just an investment; it’s a statement. The UK is stepping up its game, targeting net zero, and enhancing local economies in the process. 

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