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Breakthrough Energy Catalyst Invests $75 Million in Infinium’s Project Roadrunner for Sustainable Fuel Development

Located in West Texas, Project Roadrunner is set to be the largest Power-to-Liquids eFuels project in North America. It focuses on converting waste CO2 and renewable power into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and other low-carbon fuels. 

Project Roadrunner aims to reduce aviation emissions, potentially cutting them by up to 90 percent. This project could help the transition towards more sustainable fuel sources, especially in the aviation sector. Already, American Airlines has signed a long-term offtake agreement with Infinium for their SAF. 

In addition, American has signed an agreement with Citi to transfer the associated emission reductions to the bank. This will both support the scaling of SAF technology and help reduce Citi’s Scope 3 emissions.

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