Blue Laser Fusion Gains $25 Million in Seed Funding

Introducing Blue Laser Fusion, a Palo Alto-based startup on a mission to make laser-based fusion a reality by 2030. With a recent influx of $25 million in seed funding, they’re well on their way to providing clean, renewable energy. 

So who’s behind BLF?

Nobel laureate Shuji Nakamura, known for pioneering the blue LED. Collaborating with him are experts Hiroaki Ohta from Waseda University Ventures and Silicon Valley attorney, Richard Ogawa.

Instead of the conventional deuterium-tritium fusion target, BLF is betting on ‘HB11’, a hydrogen-boron fuel. HB11 is non-radioactive, neutron-free, and abundant. Plus, it’s a fusion reaction that spits out harmless helium. Clean and safe – that’s the future we’re talking about!

The company expects their first prototype in 2025, following by a commercial-ready fusion reactor in 2030.

But why does fusion matter? Fusion represents an incredible opportunity for clean, abundant energy. Successful commercial fusion would be a game-changer for the planet, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Plus, BLF’s focus on non-radioactive fusion means a safer, more sustainable approach to harnessing this power.

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