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Ampaire Acquires eVTOL Company Talyn Air

California-based Ampaire has shifted gears to eVTOL with acquisition of Talyn Air.

Up until now, Ampaire has mostly focused on retrofitting airplanes with hybrid-electric powertrains. Now, they’re venturing into a new frontier – eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing). With the recent acquisition of Talyn Air, Ampaire is ready to soar high in both the commercial and defense sectors. 

We previously had Jamie Gull of Talyn on the Energy Superheroes podcast, where we discussed Talyn’s unique eVTOL concept based on a two-stage rocket. The design consists of an eVTOL lift vehicle and a fixed-wing cruise vehicle. Imagine this – the lift vehicle propels the cruise vehicle to its required altitude, then detaches and returns to base. On reaching its destination, another lift vehicle fetches the cruise vehicle from the sky and brings it back to the ground. An elegant blend of efficiency and innovation. 

Talyn has already secured numerous contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense, including the Air Force’s Agility Prime program, aimed at advancing eVTOL flight technologies. With Ampaire stepping in, these contracts, worth over $1 million, will change hands, accelerating Ampaire’s growth and revenue. 

Ampaire’s acquisition of Talyn represents an exciting new chapter in the aerospace industry. With a foot in both the hybrid-electric and eVTOL industries, we’re all set to see some fantastic tech innovations taking flight.

Stay tuned as we watch this ambitious tech rewrite the rules of the sky! 

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